Saturday, October 1, 2016

CRMUG Summit is Almost Here!

Just over a week until CRMUG Summit! Of course I am super excited and hope to see all of you there!

To get prepared, make sure you check out Julie Yack's blog, Are you Ready for #CRMUGSummit? I completely agree with all her points. Be ready to take notes and learn more than you ever thought your brain could absorb. So be prepared to focus on learning! Also wear comfortable shoes, heels are not worth it.

I will be involved in 3 Sessions at Summit:

  • Basics of Becoming your Organization's CRM Guru - Wednesday October 12, 1:45-2:45 PM - Tips for navigating CRM, intro to customizations and Advanced Find. Primary Speaker: Patrick Wright
  • Advanced Techniques to be your Organization's CRM Guru - Thursday October 13, 8-9 AM - Next steps from the earlier basics session. More on Advanced Finds and Charts. Plus an intro to workflows and security.
  • CRMUG Hands On Learning: Processes - Wednesday October 12, 3-4 PM - Walk through step by step guides on building workflows to learn more about them. I will be there with several other experts to assist if there are questions.

Plus many other great sessions from lots of great speakers. Make sure you review the full schedule and be on the lookout for encore sessions offered virtually if you can't attend in person.

There are also lots of after-hours events and vendor parties. So lots of fun to be had just be responsible so you can still make it to my 8 AM session :)

Here's a few on my radar:

Plus I will be on the lookout for current and prospective CRMUGDC Members especially at the networking lunches.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

#CRMUGSummit #CountOnSummit

September 2016 Blog Review

One of the big events of September was Microsoft Ignite. There are lots of highlight blogs available for you to check out or you can even watch the recordings of the key sessions. I did not watch all the sessions but I particularly enjoyed this Demo of HoloLens with Lowes. So many amazing possibilities in the future!

Let's jump into other blog news with some articles shared by PowerObjects:

Server-Side Sync is still relatively new so Microsoft produced a white paper on how it works. Check this out to gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of how your data is syncing.

If you are looking to migrate to CRM Online check out these Tips and Tricks from Dynamics CRM in the Field blog.

How to pick a partner is always a hot topic. There are so many factors to consider and things to keep in mind. Sonoma Partners offered some guidance in 5 questions to Ask When Evaluating CRM Consulting Firms.

Let's finish things off with a few notes from CRM Tip of the Day:

That's all folks!

August 2016 Blog Review

Let's start the month of August off right with some CRM Tip of the Day:

Ledgeview Partners posted Setting Up a Sales Follow-up Workflow in Dynamics CRM. This walks through a workflow example showing the planning and final logic.

Ledgeview also shared Customize Color of Dynamics CRM Icon Backgrounds. Use these steps to theme your entity icons to match the rest of your system.

If you are interested in testing out a portal solution check out Donna Edward's CRM Online Portal Trial - Step by Step Installation.

Sonoma Partners was busy this month and shared:

Hitachi Solutions posted How to Create a Voice of the Customer Survey in Dynamics CRM. Walk through these steps to create surveys that you can send to your customers directly from CRM.

Mitch Milam shared Dynamics CRM Security: Crossing Your I's and Dotting Your T's. This is a great example of the need to double check everything and never make assumptions in your system.

Speaking of security, you can also check out Leon Tribe's post on Securing Records by a Field Value in CRM. This gives an overview of how to handle a complex security situation.

PowerObjects also shared several posts this month for you to check out:

That’s all for August!

July 2016 Blog Review

Let's catch up on the CRM blogs of the lovely month of July.

For those who love to pursue certifications - check out Hosk's overview of Tips on Passing the MB2-712 Customizations and Config exam.

Ledgeview Partners shared a quick tip on Removing an Entity from Quick Create in Dynamics CRM. Remember that Activity types cannot be removed from Quick Create.

Ledgeview Partners also shared: On-Demand Workflows for Closed Opportunities in Dynamics CRM. Closed Opportunities can still be edited via workflow so this can be a good way to populate the necessary data points.

PowerObjects shared some great content this month:

Finally, Sonoma Partners shared Microsoft Announces Dynamics 365 Integrated Cloud Platform. This gives a quick overview of the announcement. There is still lots of information to come.

Thanks for tuning in!

June 2016 Blog Review

Clearly summer schedules got the best of me this year. So let's quickly get caught up on all the CRM news.

I always recommend you stay up to date with CRM Tip of the Day, here are a few to start with:

Sonoma Partners shared Get ready, Dynamics is about to get "Linked" in. This talks about the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn and what it could mean for the future.

PowerObjects shared tips for dealing with workflow email errors in Workflow Generated Email stuck in "Pending Send" - Get it sent!

EMEA Dynamics CRM Support posted a great overview of Workflows in Dynamics CRM. This talks about the different kinds of processes and what you need to get started.

Workflows were very popular this month and Ledgeview Partners also shared Using Dynamics CRM Workflows to Create Tasks Automatically. Follow along in their example to better understand automating activities via CRM.

One of the cool new features in CRM 2016 is Excel Templates! To learn more reach Hitachi Solutions' 5 Tips for using Excel Templates in Dynamics CRM.

That's all for June!