Friday, April 11, 2014

April 11 Blog Review

It was not too busy in the CRM world this week.

Biggest news was that Microsoft released the Spring 2014 Preview Guide. This highlights Marketing enhancements and the new Unified Service Desk. There are many great features on the horizon!

Sonoma Partners featured Clogged Sync? Call the Plummer. This describes the resolution to several issues with the Server Side Sync in CRM 2013. Some of the issues were resolved with Update Rollup 1 but if you are still having issues you should check out their other recommendations.

Mitch Miliam featured a blog on How to Find What Does Not Exist. This describes how to use a Marketing List to find a subset of records that does not possess a certain quality. The limitations of this method is that it can only be used to find Accounts, Contacts and Leads. Also keep in mind that you will need to rebuild the Marketing List each time you want to get this list. So if this is data you need to gather once a week, it is not the best long term solution.

CustomerEffective posted Security Role Specific Dashboards in CRM 2013. In CRM 2013, System Dashboards no longer need to be visible organization wide. Now you can grant different security roles access to specific dashboards similar to how it is done for forms. This blog goes through that process.

PowerObjects described Hiding a Tab using Portable Business Logic. CRM 2013’s Portable Business Logic is a powerful tool that allows end users to create rules on the form that used to require JavaScript. Unfortunately there isn’t a “Hide Tab” rule but if you hide all the fields within a tab then the tab will disappear. Keep in mind you will need an opposite rule to un-hide the fields.

Jukka Niiranen posted about Accessing Special ActivityTypes with the CRM Report Wizard. If you have ever tried to use Advanced Find to view the information from an Opportunity Close or Case Resolution record you probably found it very difficult. However, you can access this information through the Report Wizard. Jukka walks through how to set that up.

That’s all for tonight. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 4 Blog Review

It seems so quiet this week after last week’s review of all of March! Here is what has been going on in the CRM community this week.

Dynamics Café posted Connor Marsden’s recap of Convergence - New Solutions and Excited Fans Come together at Convergence 2014. This is a high level overview of the announcements in the areas of Social Listening, Parature, Marketing and Unified Service Desk.

PowerObjects presented some Tips for Using Mail Merge in CRM 2013. This includes when to use it and how to change fields to Date Only within the Microsoft Word Template. Mail Merge is a very powerful tool, just remember to always print a sample of your letters to verify before distributing it to users. Also remind them to always check the letters for issues in case one of the fields being pulled in is blank on the record or incorrect.

The big news from CustomerEffective is that they were Acquired by Hitachi Solutions. This gives Hitachi Solutions access to CustomerEffective’s custom work as well as all the employees which will now work for Hitachi.

Leon Tribe wrote a great blog, Case Study: Pet CRM – Valuable Community Service vs Big Brother. If you read this, make sure you read all the way to the end. Very interesting (bizarre?) concept but …

Jukka Niiranen discusses Configuring Outlook Contact Synchronization Settings on Behalf of Your Users. This discusses a bit about how the synchronization between Outlook and CRM works (including Server Side Sync in CRM 2013) and a tool available to help you manage the sync filters for your users.

That’s all the news for today. Have a nice weekend!