Friday, November 22, 2013

November 21 Blog Review

It was a somewhat quiet week this week. Here is this week’s news:

If you are interested in Marketing Automation take a look at CustomerEffective’s Marketing Automation with CRM and SilverPop. It discusses the basic ideas and terminology of marketing automation and some of your options to accomplish it.

McGladrey talks about some of the new features in CRM 2013. CRM 2013 has several features that customers have been asking for. Access Teams provides a good flexible security option. Also previously if customers wanted tool tips for a field it would require extensive development work, now tool tips are available as part of the built-in functionality.

The CRM Team was busy this week, here is what they posted about:

Also Develop1 wrote about how to Add the Add Activity Buttons back to CRM 2013. This change will add the different Activity types to the bottom of the record ellipsis so new Activities can be added quickly.

That about covers all of this week’s news. Since you have some extra blog reading time, you should check out my (somewhat late) coverage of CRMUG Summit 2013.

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